WTF is UX Writing in a few words

Everis’ research on May 2020 collected 110 writing professionals around the world and made some research about UX Writing.

I collected some interesting and important foundings from Everis’ report:

  • 62% of respondents call themselves UX Writer, followed by Content Strategist, Content Designer and UX Copywriter.

Depending on the country, Company or team it may have one name or another(e.g. in Israel it is called Microcopy, and professionals not only write but also do strategy, research and testing).

  • The first companies that started hiring this kind of professionals were the big tech ones (like Microsoft, Apple, Google) and now DocuWare!
  • UX Writing is still a new field (the 46% of participants in the survey have only worked for 1 to 3 years as UX writers, and 13% for less than a year).
  • 49% of participants that are currently working as UX Writers have a degree in Communication, Advertising or Journalism, 17% — Languages, Linguistic, Translation, Literature, 10% — Design, 9% — Sociology, Anthropology, Philosophy, 7% — Science, 8% — Other (History, Politics, Music, Theatre, MBA, Economics, Law).
  • 71% of professionals that answered the survey became UX Writers with personal research and studies (mostly books, articles and communities).
  • English is the most common language UX Writers use in their jobs (58%), but the remarkable data is that almost half of English writers respondents are not natives.
  • The sectors that are embracing UX Writing are mostly Fintech (25%), IT(24%) and E-commerce (12%) according to the survey.
  • Most of respondents work for a company, 14% are freelancers.

Everis’ proposed 3 main challenges (related to UX) for the companies:

  • Recognise the importance of UX Writing (product is a conversation between humans and technology, humanise it)
  • Conversation is the next interface (words are the interface as well and UX writers are there to help you to do it well)
  • Engage users through an inclusive approach (reflect local and cultural diversity and get bigger impact to conversion, loyalty and satisfaction)

Find the full UX Writing Worldwide Report here.

UX/UI designer | Munich based. Experience in Branding and Digital Marketing. Writing about design, research, business and marketing.

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