Remote work numbers

I would like to share some research results related to remote work (different organisations and different amount of participants).

Work from home meme
Work from home meme


  • 57% work full-time remote
  • 27% work more than half of their time remotely
  • 18% stated they work remotely for less than half of their time (Buffer and AngelList)


  • 80% from home
  • 7% from coworking


  • 70% indicated they are happy with the amount of time they work remotely
  • 19% would like to work remotely more often
  • 11% would like to work remotely less often
  • 97 would recommend remote work to others (Buffer and AngelList)

Struggles and Benefits:

  • 32% like to have a flexible schedule (53% of U.S. participants in Statista research)
  • 26% happy to have flexible working space (work from anywhere)
  • 21% glad they don’t need to commute (Buffer and AngelList)
  • 7% like to work from home as a safe and well-known environment
  • 20% (according to Buffer) and 19% (according to Buffer) feel loneliness
  • 18% undergo for not unplugging from work
  • 12% suffer from disruption working from home
  • 10% struggle of being in a different time zone than colleagues
  • 7% feel a lack of motivation
  • 3% cant find reliable wifi (Buffer and AngelList)


  • 87% of companies don’t cover remote work expenses
  • 30% cover expenses fully or partially (Buffer and AngelList)


  • 74% of companies plan to shift 5% of their employees to remote working permanently
  • 25% going to move 10%
  • 25% going to move 10%
  • 4% of the respondents plan to have about 50% (Gartner)
Work from home meme
Work from home meme

So what?

Altogether, these remote work statistics show that remote work is here to stay. Even before the worldwide pandemic and compelled remote work, the amount of it has grown.

UX/UI designer | Munich based. Experience in Branding and Digital Marketing. Writing about design, research, business and marketing.

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