Making a strong case for UX Research: A Quick Guide

Getting a Buy-In for UX research is often remarkably difficult, or we make it this way?

Max Stepanov


Research in Product Design is a cornerstone that ensures products not only dazzle with their design but also resonate deeply with users. However, advocating for the integration of UX research in project cycles can be challenging. Let’s think about how UX professionals can effectively champion UX research, ensuring its indispensable value is recognized and utilized in product development.

🟢 Understanding the resistance to UX Research

👉🏼 Challenges in gaining buy-in

The reluctance to incorporate UX research often stems from misconceptions about its cost, time consumption, and overall relevance. Stakeholders might view it as a luxury rather than a necessity, especially in fast-paced development environments.

👉🏿 Combatting misconceptions

Addressing misconceptions begins with education. It’s vital to articulate that UX research is not inherently time-consuming or expensive and that its adaptability can fit various project scopes and timelines.

Here are practical actions and activities that UX designers and researchers can initiate within their organizations:

  • Lunch & Learn sessions

Organize regular “Lunch & Learn” sessions where the UX team presents various aspects of UX research. These sessions can cover topics like the basics of UX research and how research informs design decisions, or they can showcase mini-case studies from within the company or well-known success stories from other companies.

Example: A session titled “From Research to Revenue: How UX unlocks Business Value” could demonstrate how user insights have led to product improvements and increased sales.

  • Interactive Workshops

Host workshops where participants engage in hands-on activities related to UX research. This could involve conducting mock user interviews, usability testing, or journey mapping exercises.

Example: In a usability testing workshop, participants could observe a live usability…



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