Introduction to Usability: Free Reading Course

This reading course is a free, comprehensive, informative program designed to provide readers with a solid understanding of the principles and practices of usability.

Max Stepanov


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This free User Experience Usability reading course covers the impact of usability, user research and analysis, designing for usability, usability metrics, and evaluation. Through a combination of reading materials and examples, readers can learn how to identify and solve usability problems, improve user experience, and make informed decisions about product design.

Topics include the basics of usability, the importance of user-centered design, the process of conducting usability research and tests, alongside the use of metrics to measure success.

By the end of the course, readers can have a ground understanding of usability, the ability to apply their knowledge in real-world scenarios, and the information sufficient to build the skills necessary to make informed decisions about product design and development. So, whether you’re a student, professional, or interested in learning more about usability, this course is the perfect starting point.


📖 Course Agenda

Module 1: Introduction to Usability

  • Definition of Usability
  • Importance of Usability in Design
  • Key principles of Usability
  • The impact of Usability on user satisfaction and adoption

Module 2: Understanding Users and User Research

  • The user-centered design process
  • Types of user research: qualitative and quantitative
  • Methods for conducting user research: surveys, interviews, usability testing, etc.
  • Analyzing and synthesizing user research data

Module 3: Designing for…



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