Humanized Consulting & Design Management

In a rapidly evolving business landscape, conventional consulting frameworks are morphing into more humane, people-centric models — entering the Humanized Consulting era, where Design Management plays not the last role.

Max Stepanov


This new-age approach places humans — with all our emotions, aspirations, and complexities — at the core of consulting engagement, shifting the spotlight from solely focusing on organizational objectives to prioritizing human experiences, needs, and pursuits.

Still, this transition is not merely a philosophical stance but a strategic imperative for sustainable success in the modern business ecosystem and design consultancy.

🟢 What’s Humanized Consulting?

Humanized Consulting embodies a consulting approach aligned with human-centric values and principles (where did you hear similar words? User-centric? Yes, in User Experience design). The practice transcends traditional consulting paradigms by placing human elements at the heart of consulting engagements.

While traditional consulting may often come across as a prescriptive, one-size-fits-all model, Humanized Consulting advocates for a tailored, empathetic, and engaging approach. It’s about understanding the unique dynamics, culture, and people of an organization to provide solutions that are not only effective but also humane.

Humanized Consulting, User Experience, and Product Design share a core philosophy of placing humans at the center of their processes.

🟢 Humanized vs. Traditional Consulting

Traditional consulting often focuses on data, metrics, and results. It’s typically transactional and may overlook the human aspect of the organizational challenges. On the other hand, humanized consulting adopts a more holistic lens. It appreciates the richness of human experience and insight, striving for solutions that resonate more deeply with the client:


At its core, Humanized Consulting is purpose-driven. It aims at aligning the organizational goals with the…



Max Stepanov

Design Lead| MBA| Ph.D.| Human-Computer Interaction specialist| Experience in Product Development and Digital Communications🦄