Easy-to-clean interiors

Everyone calls it “interiors for the lazy-bones,” but I strongly disagree. I would call such an approach “interiors for the rational ones”, because why spend more time on something you don’t have to?

In this article, I will tell you what you can do in your interior to reduce cleaning time and avoid cluttering up space.

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Minimalistic interior

Minimalism is the best thing you can do to your interior if you don’t want to tediously wipe the dust off monograms on gilded picture frames, wash the stained mirrors in interesting frames three times a day and blow the dust off the stucco on the ceiling.


I believe that the kitchen should be as clean and as sterile as possible, and this is achieved by choosing the right facades, countertops and other details.

If you want to spend the minimum amount of time to clean the kitchen, I recommend making smooth white facades without panels and handles.

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The difference between smooth facades and facades with panels

These facades are easy to clean, and greasy dust has simply nowhere to accumulate. Also, fingertips and dirt are practically invisible on white surfaces.

Furthermore, do not make open shelves, do not hang kitchen utensils, and do not put dishes on shelves. This will all quickly be covered with dust and burnt fat, you will definitely not like cleaning all the accessories every time you need to cook.

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The example of open shelves in the kitchen

To facilitate cleaning, give preference to the built-in kitchen. Moreover, you need to build it in not only to the right and left walls, but also bring the facades to the ceiling. If this is not possible, you can always lower the ceiling by building a gypsum-cardboard block. Thus, you will not only protect yourself from dust from the upper cabinets but also remove the temptation to put all kinds of trash on top of the facades.

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The example of lowering the ceiling by building a gypsum-cardboard block

I also strongly recommend making a solid countertop without joints, since dirt and food debris often accumulate at the joints, and those are not easy to clean. And it will be ideal if you also make the sink and countertop solid, for example from acrylic. Acrylic does not absorb liquids, does not turn yellow, is not afraid of heat and is not very expensive. Acrylic is also good in that you can choose almost any colour and pattern.

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The example of acrylic solid sink and countertop
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The sink is under the countertop

If you do not want to make an acrylic sink, then there is an option to choose a stainless steel sink, but make sure that the countertop is on the sink. Thus, you will get rid of the junction of the countertop and sink and sweeping the crumbs from the countertop directly into the sink will be super simple. Remember, fewer joints and crevices — more joy in cleaning.

For more than a year, I lived in an apartment with a glass kitchen table and two cats. These were the darkest days of my life. This table was washed every day, and it always remained dirty anyway. Every drop, every hair, every fingerprint is visible on such a table, and it immediately looks very messy. Therefore, I do not advise such tables from the heart; use your strengths for something more meaningful.

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The example of a glass kitchen table
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Magnets on a fridge

And the last piece of advice on the kitchen. Remove all the magnets from the refrigerator, or rather, choose the built-in refrigerator so that there is no temptation. Magnets not only collect a lot of dust but they also terribly spoil the interior.

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A suspended toilet of a simple shape


In the bathroom, it is better to make a suspended toilet of a simple shape. You do not have to go around all these elaborate toilet crevices, and you can wipe the floor quickly and painlessly. If you are afraid that the hanging toilet will not support you — do not be afraid, it easily withstands up to 400 kg. It will also be great if you have a quickly removable lid, this will make washing the toilet even easier. If this is not enough for you, then choose rimless models, just keep in mind that you may need to adjust the pressure of the water in the installation to avoid splashing.

It is better to make a cabinet with a sink either on the floor or suspend it; you will clean the floor with pleasure. Do not make cabinets on legs, this does not look very good, and it’s not inconvenient to clean.

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The example of a suspended cabinet and cabinet standing on the floor

Also, choose large-format tiles on the floor so that there are fewer seams. The fewer seams — the less you will need to wipe them. But if you have a small bathroom, do not buy too large a tile, because the bathroom will seem smaller. Everything should be proportionate, the larger the bathroom — the larger the tile format.

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Large-format tiles

It is better to choose a grout on the floor tile one tone darker than the tile itself (or as the darkest place on the tile). If you spill something on the floor, light grout can absorb it, and stains will remain.

And one more crucial thing, if you choose an overhead sink-bowl, make sure that its bottom is accessible. So the workers will be able to silicone it, and then during operation, you can safely give it a wipe there. Otherwise, water will be poured into the gap, and you will not be able to reach it.

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Different types of sink-bowls

Living room, bedroom, children’s room

Here, too, I advise you to give preference to the built-in closets in the ceiling and in no case do cabinets on legs. Thus, you kill two birds with one stone: the closet ceases to be perceived as a separate bulky interior item and “dissolves” in space, and more things will fit there. If this is not possible, here you can also do as with facades in the kitchen, lower the ceiling to the cabinet.

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Built-in closets
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Suspended dresser, bedside table and working table

Dressers, bedside tables, cantilever tables, and generally anything else, as in the case of the bathroom, either hang from the wall (rather than put on legs) or make them stand on the floor.

And of course, in the fight for cleanliness, avoid decor. Do not make open shelves and put books, souvenirs, children’s toys etc.

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It is hard to clean dust from decor

For a sofa, choose a special water-repellent fabric that is easy to clean. Especially if there are children. There is a fabric from which you can wash off the wine, markers and almost anything else. In the store, the consultant will definitely tell you which fabric to choose and demonstrate all its magical properties.

And finally, I advise you to throw out or not to buy any bulky chandeliers with many elements. A lot of dust accumulates on them, and it is cosmically tricky to wash, and you need to do this often enough. And please forget about the eaves lighting. Not only does it accumulate a lot of dust that no one ever wipes off, but it has also long gone out of interior fashion. Replace the chandeliers and lights with concise spotlights.

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Example of different lighting
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Cluttered balcony


The balcony is a separate universe, which most people use as a dump. But the balcony was created as a place to relax, as a comforting area, and, unfortunately, many people litter this truly magical place.

But this place can be turned into a corner of tranquillity and pleasure. And if you want to store any things there, think about shelves and drawers.

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How to organize your balcony

General tips

Make all surfaces are as flat and as smooth as possible, the classic style does not fit into this concept. The same applies to moldings, stucco, bricks, shutters and other “ribbed” surfaces. Glass surfaces are also best to avoid because they are challenging to keep clean, especially if there are children or animals.

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Interior with grey floor

The floor can be made of medium grey colour without a bevel, so the dust will be practically invisible.

And of course, avoid the abundance of carpets, especially with a long nap, they just attract all the dirt and dust. But you can leave small rugs that are easier to care for if you really want to.

In general, think about purchasing a robot vacuum cleaner. The robots are now ingenious and diligent, they clean the carpets, vacuum the corners and build maps of the room.

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Air moisturizer

And another life hack concerning filtering and humidifying the air. If you buy a good device and regularly clean and moisturize the air, there will be much less dust. And now these devices look pretty good.

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A melamine sponge

Regarding the walls, give preference to washable wallpaper and paint for walls with wax, which also washes well. And if you buy a melamine sponge, then you can easily get rid of children’s creativity from the walls.

And the last advice, make all large items built-in or, if possible, take them to a separate room.


Carpets, moldings, beautiful handles on the facades and much more — this is what I dearly love. But all this, objectively, complicates the cleaning, so here you need to make a choice. If you cannot live without everything that I propose to get rid of in favour of ease of cleaning, don’t do it in any case!

The most essential thing in the interior is the person and his/her preferences, so, first of all, it should be comfortable for you. And sacrifices should only be made consciously.

Author Anna Stupak

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