Spoiler — normal design is a design that no one notices in use and does not even think about the designers who created this miracle

Dialog: - Please be normal — Nope

This will be a long (and a half) read, so take food, water, a chamber pot and let’s get started.

A minute of the history

There is a misconception that UX/UI is a new trend, which suddenly appeared in the list of the most popular vacancies in the wake of the development of the latest…

Phone screens are getting bigger, and user interfaces are moving.

Sincronización — hand-drown image with hands

Trendwatching vs Trendmaking

Trendwatching has long been an important and integral part of the work of any self-respecting designer. We follow trends to forecast the demand for new products and services, create the right brand development strategies, find promising market niches, anticipate consumer desires and further build an effective channel of communication with…

There are 1.8 billion websites worldwide and you still have a chance to design the worst site ever.

http://www.dokimos.org/ajff/ website

There are 1.8 billion websites worldwide. The average cost of web design (which includes launching and designing it) is 12000–150000$. Simple arithmetic operations allow us to understand that trillions of dollars are spent on website creation. At the same time, 5 to 15 percent of all sites will be abandoned…

Everis’ research on May 2020 collected 110 writing professionals around the world and made some research about UX Writing.

I collected some interesting and important foundings from Everis’ report:

  • 62% of respondents call themselves UX Writer, followed by Content Strategist, Content Designer and UX Copywriter.

Depending on the country, Company…

In case you are interested what works better for the users (in short).



I would like to share some research results related to remote work (different organisations and different amount of participants).

Work from home meme

For example, in 2020, 98% of people would like to work remotely, and 97% of participants told they would recommend remote work to others (according to Buffer and AngelList).

75% of current workers say they plan to work remotely for the rest of their career. People like remote work as…

There are over 110 million virtual assistant users in the United States alone, and the software is especially common in smartphones and smart speakers.

When you ask Siri: “What is the meaning of life?”, the answer can be: “I find it odd that you would ask this of an inanimate object.”

When you ask Alexa: “What is the meaning of life?”, she can say: “The answer is 42, but the question is more complicated.”

As a designer, it is self-explanatory that knowing your colour palette is crucial. Using the colours red, yellow and green will make certain elements stand out from their surroundings and probably lead to the desired effect. Or not.

Photo by Paweł Czerwiński

They are not only preventing you from dying when you cross the streets.

Traffic lights are so incorporated in our everyday life that we react instinctively to them. We see red — we stop; we see green — we go. …

In human psychology, Baby Duck Syndrome is called the effect when a person, discovering a particular area, considers the first object encountered from this area to be the best, and the subsequent ones to be the worst.

James Veitch

Every usability specialist is a kind of researcher. Therefore, there are not only…

Will AI take the designer’s job, do designers know something that AI does not?

AI affects the design, and theoretically, AI can kill graphic design and UI. But UX is safe because UX is not only working with data but also with perception. …

Maxim Stepanov

MBA candidate | Human-Computer Interaction specialist | Manager of UX/UI Design. Experience in Product Development and Digital Communications. Based in Munich.

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