The importance of inclusive design is growing worldwide. As an example — the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CDRP) demands providing more support for the full participation of people with disabilities.

digital hands move towards each other to touch

Spoiler — normal design is a design that no one notices in use and does not even think about the designers who created this miracle

Dialog: - Please be normal — Nope

This will be a long (and a half) read, so take food, water, a chamber pot and let’s get started.

A minute of the history

Phone screens are getting bigger, and user interfaces are moving.

Sincronización — hand-drown image with hands

Trendwatching vs Trendmaking

There are 1.8 billion websites worldwide and you still have a chance to design the worst site ever. website

  • 62% of respondents call themselves UX Writer, followed by Content Strategist, Content Designer and UX Copywriter.

There are over 110 million virtual assistant users in the United States alone, and the software is especially common in smartphones and smart speakers.

As a designer, it is self-explanatory that knowing your colour palette is crucial. Using the colours red, yellow and green will make certain elements stand out from their surroundings and probably lead to the desired effect. Or not.

Photo by Paweł Czerwiński

Maxim Stepanov

MBA | Team Leader of UX Design | Human-Computer Interaction specialist | Experience in Product Development and Digital Communications. Based in Munich, Germany

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